Once Upon A Ghost

An Indie Ghost Story

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Robert Burbidge - Eleven Squares album artwork

Robert Burbidge

Once Upon A Ghost

Ghost stories have long been a rich source of material, from late-night campfire scares to packed cinemas jumping in unison at the choreographed scare.

Robert Burbidge and his spooky crew have taken that rich vein of inspiration and pioneered new ground with their Halloween release ‘Once Upon A Ghost.’

Picking up where his previous track ‘Just Because’ left off, ‘Once Upon A Ghost’ is another urgent spoken-word track that joins the dots between The Talking Heads and Bonobo. But where ‘Just Because’ leaned heavily into its political polemic, ‘Once Upon A Ghost’ has an inspired genesis.

‘Once Upon A Ghost’ takes the Ghost’s viewpoint, as the entity gets to grips with their mortality and their physical inexistence – and they fact they can now walk through walls. That wonderfully meta take is soundtracked by one of Robert’s most dynamic tracks yet, all full of driving guitar licks (think prime-time Foals), a bassline that struts and funks and escalating synth melodies that drive the music ever forward.

Once again, LA vocalist and long-time collaborator Winter is the driving force behind the track. She wrote and performed the vocals, and also worked alongside Robert on the ghoulish keys. The rest of the track is finished by regular band members Ian Stanford delivering on the bass and guitar, Dennis Moody mastering, and Steve Gligorovic programming the drums and co-producing alongside Robert.

‘Thriller’ and the ‘Ghostbusters’ theme tune aside, music has never had a great Halloween history. But thanks to Robert and his team of musical monsters, Halloween now has a new soundtrack.

Artwork by Whatever Graphics.