The Pharcyde manchester last night only photo I took of the night but they were great. ...

Photo by Jonathan solfest. ...

At the Dublin castle London with the Dirty Fakirs
photo by Jonathan Burbidge.

From my old gigging days photo at solfest photo by Jonathan Burbidge ...

Special thanks to Lee Bright of Tangential music for playing To the moon my remix by Richard E on the face radio Brooklyn. ...

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Robert Burbidge - Nightingale

Music is truly timeless.

Tracks and albums written over a decade ago can still sound as relevant and important as if they were written today. The only thing that matters is the music.

And that’s especially true for Robert Burbidge, who’s followed up a treasure-trove of freshly-created singles in 2023 with his latest release ‘Nightingale’ that first came to life over a decade ago.

‘Nightingale’ was an improvisational composition created and recorded in 2009 by Winter, with the basis of the track recorded during a one-take capture in her native LA.

Winter’s plangent piano lines and off-the-cuff melodies form the body of ‘Nightingale,’ says Robert.

“Winter has a catalogue of pretty phenomenal improvisational captures that are all one take - you can actually hear the pauses in the recording, where she’s thinking real-time of what to do next musically. She manages to hit some really interesting chord progressions and harmonies that seem to just come out of nowhere.”

Nightingale was produced by Steve Gligorovic and Robert, who added a soundscape feel to ‘Nightingale’ by mixing in bird sounds and atmospheric synths to Winter’s stunning piano track.

The result is the stunningly simple and effective ‘Nightingale,’ a sombre yet powerful single that neatly bookends Robert Burbidge’s stunning year of music. And as Robert says, it doesn’t matter whether the track was written in 2009 or 1009, as the source material is so powerful.

“When Winter sent me this piano tune, I really wanted to do something with it, to enhance and capture the mood and atmosphere of the piano tune. Some people might equate this to a fine bottle of wine in their cellar that has been ageing properly.”

Nightingale was written by Winter
Produced by Robert Burbidge and Steve Gligorovic
Mastered by Dennis Moody
Artwork by Whatever Graphics
Out on 8th December 2023



British art-rock favorite Richard E is elated to share “To The Moon”, the first single from his upcoming Opening Scene album, due for release in January 2024.

A mesmerizing track exploring cryptocurrency, NFTs, and the emergence of the blockchain, "To The Moon" creates a mystical mood. Instant wealth is a dream many people have, but those dreams often come crashing down. The music video for “To The Moon” will be released on November 17th.

When describing his new single in greater detail, Richard E writes:

"At the time I wrote it, "To The Moon" was a very popular phrase in the crypto world. Coins that suddenly increase in value were described as such by Elon Musk and digital currency adopters.

On the album, it`s the only song where the music was dictated by the title. Writing the music usually inspires the lyrics, or I find some lines that I`ve already written that fit the rhythm and mood from the music.

On a lyrical level, I was trying to express the craziness of the crypto phenomenon, but "To The Moon" is also a romantic phrase. It also references a 13th Century Chinese myth involving a turbulent relationship between the Goddess of the Moon and the God of the Sun, which revolved around the pill of immortality, but eventually made peace. The song is also given a timeless feel by this. Realistic and romantic at the same time."

“To The Moon" exudes an old-fashioned prog pop sound with hypnotic vocals reminiscent of David Bowie or Bryan Ferry, jaunty guitar riffs, and psychedelic undertones.

Great dance rock remix by multi instrumentalist producer Robert Burbidge aka Rubberlips.

His work has had repeated global airplay, including on the UK’s BBC Radio 1, Soho Radio, on cult LA station KCRW and via the award-winning Lopsided World of L show.

Remix Produced by Robert Burbidge and Steve Gligorovic
Ian Stanford: bass and electric guitar
Piano: Winter
out now on all platforms.

Released by:
Further Out Recordings
Release date:
27 October 2023

Palo Alto SF Cali
Photo by Winter.

Palo Alto SF Cali
Photo by Winter.

Oregon photo by Winter. ...

Palo Alto SF Cali
Photo by Winter.

October 31st
Robert Burbidge - Once Upon A Ghost

An Indie Ghost Story

Ghost stories have long been a rich source of material, from late-night campfire scares to packed cinemas jumping in unison at the choreographed scare.

Robert Burbidge and his spooky crew have taken that rich vein of inspiration and pioneered new ground with their Halloween release ‘Once Upon A Ghost.’

Picking up where his previous track ‘Just Because’ left off, ‘Once Upon A Ghost’ is another urgent spoken-word track that joins the dots between The Talking Heads and Bonobo. But where ‘Just Because’ leaned heavily into its political polemic, ‘Once Upon A Ghost’ has an inspired genesis.

‘Once Upon A Ghost’ takes the Ghost’s viewpoint, as the entity gets to grips with their mortality and their physical inexistence - and they fact they can now walk through walls. That wonderfully meta take is soundtracked by one of Robert’s most dynamic tracks yet, all full of driving guitar licks (think prime-time Foals), a bassline that struts and funks and escalating synth melodies that drive the music ever forward.

Once again, LA vocalist and long-time collaborator Winter is the driving force behind the track. She wrote and performed the vocals, and also worked alongside Robert on the ghoulish keys. The rest of the track is finished by regular band members Ian Stanford delivering on the bass and guitar, Dennis Moody mastering, and Steve Gligorovic programming the drums and co-producing alongside Robert.

‘Thriller’ and the ‘Ghostbusters’ theme tune aside, music has never had a great Halloween history. But thanks to Robert and his team of musical monsters, Halloween now has a new soundtrack.
Artwork by Whatever Graphics

Press release 22nd September 2023. ...

Thank you Lee Bright for playing Mr Bird remix of Beluga Lagoon, on 1BTN radio on his show Tangential Music show. ...